“Living in limbo in the land of the free”–Waco Tribune Guest Article about DACA

Grecia Chavira is on our Waco Advisory Committee and has been an amazing supporter of AG. Last week, her op-ed about the uncertainty that people with DACA face was published by the Waco Tribune.

She comments on how the uncertainty surround DACA has affected them:

But now we may be forced to leave our jobs and possibly our country. Living in this limbo state has been emotionally and physically detrimental to us. We’re not asking for handouts or for things to be made easy or free. We know we have to work hard for what we want. And we have worked.

Read the entire piece here: http://www.wacotrib.com/opinion/columns/guest_columns/grecia-chavira-guest-columnist-living-in-limbo-in-the-land/article_8b7a9038-df19-57f2-8f2a-636f548a0f4f.html


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